Moldova, Regional and International HIV/AIDS News

Extention of deadline - Call for Expression of Interests for NGOs to mark World AIDS Day

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)  Moldova extendes the deadline for the call for expression of interests for the selection of projects from NGOs active in HIV/AIDS field from both banks of the Nistru river to mark World AIDS Day.

Recruitment of a consultant to support the regional HIV testing campaign

A regional HIV testing campaing: a key to first 90 is to be launched by the 1st of December 2015 to intensify the efforts of EECA countries on HIV testing. It is generally thought to get a responsible approach towards healthy mode of life, particularly on HIV testing, for both the governments and each individual. It is also designed to boost HIV testing rates. 

UNAIDS welcomes new World Health Organization guidelines on the use of antiretroviral medicines

The guidelines recommend that antiretroviral medicines be prescribed to people as soon as possible after their HIV diagnosis regardless of their CD4 count (CD4 is a measure of immune system health).The guidelines also recommend that people at higher risk of HIV infection be given access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as part of a combined HIV prevention strategy.

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