Moldova, Regional and International HIV/AIDS News

Photo exhibition: "Drug-killer"

Tomorrow, June 29, 2011, 11-00, in the Shopping Centre "Jumbo", third floor will be opened exhibition "Drug-killer". The exhibition is organized by the Charity Association "Viaţa Nouă" in partnership with the Shopping Centre "Jumbo" and is dedicated to the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (26 June).

Moldova’s delegation to participate in the 4th National Conference on Substitution Maintenance Therapy in Ukraine

A two day regional conference on the theme „Current issues of SMT development in Ukraine: ACCESS, QUALITY, VIABILITY” will be held on June 23-24, 2011, in Kyiv, Ukraine. The purpose of this event is to discuss and share the experience of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus in the context of Opioid Maintenance Therapy, to exchange best practices and to develop a national action plan. 

Forum of Non-guvernamental Organizations of Moldova

Reached the sixth edition, NGO Forum aims to put on the public agenda the issues related to civil society development in the European integration process, the sustainability of services provided by NGOs, strengthening the image of NGOs, benefit assessment of NGO sector and setting objectives for the mandate of a new NGO Council.

Social Theatre Festival

Through this festival is proposed the presentation of method of Peer Education and in special Social Theatre, which suppose the transmission of information in an interactive and exciting way for young people. Social Theatre Festival aims, in this context, to familiarize the public about the existence and effectiveness of this method of information and education, about the possibility of its use in different situations, with different age groups.

High Level Meeting on AIDS in New York

On June 10th United Nations General Assembly adopted the political declaration on HIV/AIDS during the High Level Meeting on AIDS in New York. There was unprecedented global participation, including more than 30 Heads of State, Government and Vice Presidents, representatives from CSOs, HIV experts and academician, which resulted into new commitments, targets, and momentum in the AIDS response.

Recruitment of consultants for development of training curriculum on Feminization of the HIV Epidemic for Social Assistants and Gender Focal Points

The expected results of the project are as it follows: feminization of HIV/AIDS in Moldova addressed through strengthened evidence-based strategic planning and interventions addressing inequalities and disparities; an operational Manual on Gender Assessments produced with recommendations that could be applied in other countries in the Eastern European region.

Future of AIDS response focus of UN General Assembly High Level Meeting

More than 3000 people will come together at the United Nations in New York on June 8, 2011 for the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS. The meeting, which runs from 8-10 June, will provide an opportunity to take stock of the progress and challenges of the last 30 years and shape the future AIDS response.

Recruitment of a consultant to document the experience and lessons learned from all stages of the SLW NSA process

The national consultants will be recruited by JAOB in each of the six countries, under contract to UNAIDS country office for a period of 40 days from the start of the JAOB JANS planning process through to the end of January 2012. Overall guidance on the assignment, methodological framework and reporting format will be provided by an external consultant. Liaison by email and telephone will be required.

Recruitment of a company to conduct a baseline research to assess gender associated differences in Behaviour, Knowledge and Attitudes of Moldovan Vulnerable Groups determining the sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Moldova.

General objective is to offer a qualified expertise in order to address the current need to have more information on Knowledge and Attitudes towards HIV and gender associated differences of Vulnerable Groups with particular emphasis on Moldovan Migrants and HIV incidence in migrant’s community.

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