Interviews and Speeches on HIV/AIDS Related Topics

Occasionally, events and practices on HIV/AIDS related topics at the national or international level are reflected in detailed interviews. The people interviewed are mainly key stakeholders involved in the national response to HIV/AIDS/STIs/TB, including government officials, practitioners and service providers, civil society, donor representatives, PLHIV, etc. This section also includes speeches on HIV related topics for various occasions.


There are Human Beings behind Numbers
Massimo Mirandola, Head of Regional Center for Health Promotion, Verona, Veneto region, Scientific Director of SIALON Project

Massimo Mirandola works as Head of Regional Center for Health Promotion in Verona, Veneto region with 5.5 million inhabitants and is the Scientific Director of SIALON Project. Mr Mirandola is major in Psychotherapy and has a Master Degree in Statistics and Epidemiology and a PhD in Psychiatrist Sciences and Epidemiology. Mr Mirandola paid a visit to the Republic of Moldova during the period of June 14-18, 2010. The consultancy was aimed at providing technical assistance to the national stakeholders involved in the national response to HIV/AIDS in order to enhance programming for HIV prevention among MSM. We are discussing with Massimo Mirandola the results of his mission to Moldova and recommendations for addressing MSM in national programming process. 

Institutionalization of HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies is Necessary in the Republic of Moldova
Elena Jidobin, ILO/GTZ Project Coordinator, National Focal Point on HIV/AIDS and World of Work

Elena Jidobin worked as coordinator of the joint ILO/GTZ project on "Implementing HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies and Programmes". The period of implementation was November 2006 – September 2009. We are discussing with Mrs Elena Jidobin the results achieved during the implementation of the project and subsequent recommendations in order to ensure implementation of HIV/AIDS workplace policies both in the public and private sector.

Implementation of NASA Methodology is Sustainable in the Region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Carlos Avila, Chief, AIDS Financing and Economics Division, a.i., UNAIDS HQ

Carlos Avila works in UNAIDS HQ, AIDS Financing and Economics Division. In collaboration with UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Europe and Central Asia the AIDS Financing and Economics (AFE) Division of UNAIDS HQ organized a three-day regional training workshop on National AIDS Spending Assessments (NASA) methodology during the period of November 17–19, 2009 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

"New Life" Offered Me a Chance…
Alexandr Curasov, Programme Director, NGO "New Life"

Charity Association "New Life" started its activity in 1999 based on a group consisted of injecting drug users, people living with HIV as well as people not indifferent towards these issues. During the period, the association registered results and progress, Alexandr Curasov talked about success registered in his personal life as well as in the NGO "New Life" with journalist NCC TB/AIDS, Victoria Tataru.

Our Field of Activity is a Very Wide One
Olga Osadcii, "Media Campaigns in Moldova" Project Manager, AIDS Foundation East-West

AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW) – is a Dutch, non-governmental, humanitarian, public health organization whose mission is to make a major contribution to the reduction of the impact of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA). Representative of AFEW in Moldova organized during the year of 2008 several activities aiming at accomplishing the mission: 3 talk-shows were broadcasted on HIV Prevention; the project "Dance4life" has been extended in Moldova and in the end of the year the organization was awarded an accolade as best organization. Olga Osadcii, representative of the foundation discussed about achievements and future plans of the organization with NCC TB/AIDS journalist.

The Community Needs a Group of Leaders
Gennady Roshchupkin, CSAT coordinator in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Gennady Roshchupkin has been active member of the PLWHA movement in former Soviet Union republics for many years. Today he is CSAT coordinator (Civil Society Action Team) in Eastern Europe and Central Asia; also, he works with Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN). On January 30 through February 01 Gennady Roshchupkin facilitated League's workshop on T.A. necessity assessment for implementation of the Global Fund's grant. Once the workshop finished, Mr. Roshchupkin kindly agreed to give an interview.

The Church is a Living Body and Lives with the Society’s Problems
Deacon Ioan Didenco, director of the Charity Foundation "Vera. Nadejda. Liubovi"

Deacon Ioan Didenco, director of the Charity Foundation "Vera. Nadejda. Liubovi" from Ukraine visited Moldova several times aiming at participating in events organized by Moldavian Christian Aid within the Project "Mobilizing Church Networks to Prevent HIV/AIDS in Moldova".

Sincerity, Self Support and Friendship
Ruslan Poverga, president of NGO "New Life"

Ruslan Poverga, president of NGO "New Life" participated into the international rally "STOP AIDS", during the period of September 5-October 5, 2008 in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Please find below the impressions regarding his participation in international event.

We Won some Battles but Not Yet the War
Lars Kallings, Special Envoy of UN Secretary General for HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Professor Lars Kallings, Special Envoy of UN Secretary General for HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia visited Republic of Moldova in connection with UN Day. Agenda included visit with representatives of state bodies, international organizations, civil society and private sector.

Another Smile on the Face of HIV-positive Children
Jessica Ginger, Peace Corps Volunteer

On May 6, 2007, Peace Corps volunteer Jessica Ginger and NGO European Council Club Chetrosu organized an HIV/AIDS benefit concert, raising about 7,000 lei in cash and numerous goods, which allowed volunteers to prepare gift packages to 20 children whose lives had been affected by HIV.

Artists Against AIDS
Nicu Tarna, "Gandul Matei" rock band singer

Nicu Tarna: "We are not "Messiahs", but rather children learning from one another..."
Every six heart palpitations a person contracts HIV. 8,500 people die because of HIV every day. Given this rough statistics, celebrities from 12 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tajikistan, the Republic of Moldova, etc.) joined their efforts in Istanbul, where they started an international campaign to combat this infection through music. This action was organized by the UN Fund for Population (UNFPA). The Republic of Moldova was represented by singer Nicu Tarna, the leader of the "Gandul Matei" band.

Inner View
Jan Iasinetchii

The methadone substitution therapy has long engendered and still continues to arouse many disputes on methadone safety and the efficiency of this method overall. We have decided to ask one of the people who have undergone MST about his opinion with respect to this issue.

Do Moldovan Citizens from Italy Have Access to HIV Services?
Natalia Moraru, Cultural Mediator, IOM Consultant, Rome

The round table on "HIV/AIDS and Migration" organized by the International Organization for Migration in the frames of the Project "Epidemiological Risks of Mobility: HIV/AIDS Prevention for Migrants in Moldova" joined several experts. Among them, Natalia Moraru, IOM Consultant, Rome, has made a presentation on the community of Moldovans from Italy.

It’s Time to Deliver!
Boris Balanetchi, Director NGO "Gender Doc-M"

During August 13–18, 2006 in Toronto, Canada, the XVI International AIDS Conference was held with the theme "Time to deliver". Over 25 thousand people from over 170 countries have participated in the event, including from the Republic of Moldova. Boris Balanetchi, Director NGO "Gender Doc-M" has participated in this conference and shares his impressions with the NCC journalist.

Moldovan Civil Society Representatives at UNGASS Meeting
Antonita Fonari, President of NGOs’ Network in the Social Field

Over 12 country and governments leaders, over 100 ministers as well as more than a thousand of the civil society and private sector representatives gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York from May 31st till June 2nd 2006 for a major review of the international combating efforts against AIDS. On behalf of the Republic of Moldova participated Igor Chilcevschii, representative of NGO "Faith", and Antonita Fonari, representative of NGO Network acting in the field of AIDS. Further are given several reflections of the event exposed by Antonita Fonari.

A successful project: HIV/AIDS Prevention in Penitentiaries
Larisa Pintilei, Director of the Project "HIV/AIDS Prevention in Penitentiaries"

"HIV/AIDS Prevention in Penitentiaries" Project was launched in the Republic of Moldova six years ago. A team of professionals in medical and psycho-social assistance attempted to enhance the physical and spiritual health of detainees. Over the years, thousands of detainees in Moldovan prisons have benefited from harm reduction projects, medical, social, psychological and legal assistance, educational and information activities.

A Live Dialogue on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Penitenciaries
Vladimir Taranu, Chief of the Medical Direction at the Department of Penitentiary Institutions

Between October 16–19 of this year, in Toronto, Canada, the third international dialogue on HIV/AIDS combating strategy in penitentiaries. Representatives of 16 countries, including from the Republic of Moldova, have discussed scientific programs in the field, as well as the extension of national partnerships. Mr. Vladimir Taranu, chief of the Medical Direction at the Department of Penitentiary Institutions from the Republic of Moldova, participant in the dialogue, tells us about the global situation in HIV/AIDS in penitentiaries and the conclusions of the Toronto reunion.

Living with HIV in Penitentiaries: Double Detention
Sveltana, an HIV+ Women from Rusca Penitentiary

Over 10 detainees are living with HIV/AIDS in the Rusca penitentiary. Svetlana wears clean cloths, has dyed hair, and speaks in a loud voice. I meet her at the medical cabinet: she has just received her package from the "HIV/AIDS Prevention in Penitentiaries" Project. She is a volunteer for the project. The package contains food and personal hygiene items – a stimulation for volunteers of needle exchange centres.

Interview with Tudor Blaga, Carabineer Troops participant in the HIV Prevention Program in Uniformed Services
Tudor Blaga, Carabineer Troupes participant in the HIV Prevention Program in Uniformed Services

Tudor Blaga is doing his military service in the 3rd Batalion of the 2nd mobile-operative Brigade of the Carabineer Troupes, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova. He is 19 and is in his 10th month of military service. He was born in Peresecina village, Orhei. Before joining the army, he was studying to become a carpenter-sculptor at the Orhei Professional School.