Moldova Youth Peer Education Network

What is Y-PEER?

A network of Youth Peer Educators, which brings together over 200 organizations and institutions from 48 countries worldwide, inclusive Republic of Moldova. Y-PEER has several generations of peer educators trained under Y-PEER program, approved as an innovative method of training, both nationally and internationally. Y-PEER network of Moldova currently has dozens of active peer educators in various regions of the country. The network was created in Moldova in September 2004, at the initiative of UNFPA, UN Population Fund. According to international assessments, Y-PEER network Moldova is considered one of the most active networks of country with a wide diversity of methods of transmitting information.

 What opportunities offer Y-Peer young people involved in:

  • Advanced trainings in reproductive health, HIV prevention and health education;
  • Knowledge and skills in practicing social theater to transmit messages about a healthy lifestyle;
  • Participation in summer camps and “Pro – Health” Campaign for informing other young people;
  • Participation in weekly radio Show "Forta Junimii" at the national Radio promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • Writing articles in the electronic newsletter "Fara Tabu”;
  • Ability to participate in the National Theatre Festival that will take place in the end of 2010;
  • Opportunities to participate in the international trainings in reproductive health and methods of transmitting information from a peer to peer;
  • Financial and logistical support for the organizing information / awareness activities on the local level;
  • Opportunities to use electronic resources such as CyberPEER;
  • Possibility to be engaged in volunteering activities.

Y – PEER activities in Moldova:

  • Training courses of social theater clubs;
  • “Pro-Health”  Campaign of informing, educating and communication among young people 2010;
  • Information dissemination through Y-PEER young journalists;
  • Support for organizing public events such as Valentine's Day, Day of Commemorating  of Victims who died of AIDS, Family Day, World Population Day;
  • Informative lessons in auxiliary institutions;
  • Planning and monitoring network activity through activity coordinating team at national level;
  • Ensuring network visibility through national youth site

Y-Peer offers enthusiastic and eager young people in volunteering activities to be part of their own team. For this you have simply to contact the network representatives and to say what plans you have what activities you want to pursue or how you could get involved in network activities.

If you want to became an Y-PEER member or to collaborate with the network write us at or call us on the number (022) 21 40 02, Anna Susarenco, Y-PEER Focal Point in Charge in Moldova. You also can find us on and

Do not forget! Y-PEER is an international network that promotes peer to peer education  and wants every young person to be informed and healthy. For this we need YOUR participation!


Anna Susarenco

Y-Peer Moldova Focal Point