National Programme on Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STI (NAP)

National Programme for prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and STIs for 2016-2020 is based on the analyses of the national response regarding the HIV actuality, expanding access for testing through NGOs, implementation of harm reduction programmes, including substitution treatment and its geographic expansion, decentralization of health surveillance for persons infected with HIV, ensuring universal access to antiretroviral treatment, widening indications for administration; implementation of projects for psychosocial support, etc.

The process of National Programme development was transparent, active and participative, involving government bodies, NGOs and international development partners.

National AIDS Programme 2016-2020

National AIDS Programme amended

National AIDS Programme approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova

National Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for National Programme on Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS infection and sexually transmitted infections for 2011-2015

The National Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (hereinafter called M&E plan) for the Program is aligned with the existing policies in various sectors and was developed through a participatory process, based on the findings of the Assessment of functionality of the components of the Monitoring and Evaluation System, the review of the National Program on Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS/STIs for the years 2006-2010 and on the National Response Analysis