October 4, 2007, 10:00

Place: UCIMP, 101 Sciusev str.

Agenda Items

Meeting of the leaders and secretaries of the technical working groups in the field of HIV/AIDS/STI of the National Coordination Council to determine the mechanisms of sub-recipient selection.  


  1. 5 activity groups were proposed for sub-contracting:
    • Communication, which shall include activities addressing parents and religious organizations.
    • Activities for youth, peer education, and two youth-friendly centres in Tiraspol.
    • Social groups exposed to a higher risk, this group including the development of the Union of Organizations dealing with Harm Reduction (UOHR).
    • Palliative care.
    • Support to orphans and children from vulnerable social groups.
  2. UCIMP shall take into account the recommendations to avoid international tenders and to ensure a transparent selection by respecting all the procedural provisions of the World Bank guide and the Global Fund requirements stipulated in the operational guide of the programme.

  3. Group leaders and secretaries shall inform the members of the technical working groups about the results of the meeting.