February 26, 2007, 15:00

Group: Communication and Prevention
Place: Centre for Preventive Medicine
Contact: Silvia Muntean, Secretary, TWG on Communication and Prevention

Agenda Items

1. The letter addressed by the Technical Working Group to the NCC TB/AIDS requesting special treatment for the TV and radio channels that broadcast spots about HIV/AIDS/TB  
2. Training activities for the members of the technical working group on communication of the NCC  
3. The progress of the "HIV/AIDS prevention among the services in uniforms in Moldova" project Viorica Rotaru, Project Manager, UNDP
4. The improved draft of the mechanism to be complied with when approving information materials on HIV/AIDS developed and edited in Moldova Olga Osadcii, Project Manager, AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW)
5. Presentation of the video spot drafts prepared for the National Campaign for Solidarity with People Living with HIV Olga Osadcii, Project Manager, AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW)
6. The Peace Corps initiative to organize a charity concert in Chisinau Jessica Ginger, Peace Corps
7. Approval of the matrix of partner institutions that implemented communication activities in the field of HIV/AIDS/STI in 2006  
8. Action plan of the working group for communication in the field of HIV/AIDS/STI in 2007  



  1. The content of the letter addressed by the TWG to the NCC shall be polished and presented to the NCC.
  2. TWG members shall compile a list of training and development requirements for 2007.
  3. A report on the implementation of the project for prevention of HIV infection among uniformed services in Moldova was presented to the working group members. The members have requested that the results of the conducted survey as well as the conclusion survey be presented for the consideration of the technical working group.
  4. The members of the TWG are to review the draft of the mechanism responsible for the supervision of informational materials developed in the field of HIV/AIDS/STI in the Republic of Moldova until Monday, March 5, and present their suggestions regarding the draft via email. Recommendations with respect to evaluation criteria and the panel of experts are also expected.
  5. The videos prepared in the frame of the campaign for solidarity with people living with HIV were appreciated by the members of the NCC technical working group for communication.
  6. Institutions and organizations planning to conduct communication activities in the field of HIV/AIDS during 2007 are expected to fill out and send the activity matrix until March 15.
  7. The members of the TWG are expected to present suggestions regarding the completion of the work plan for 2007.