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The objective of the World Health Organization (WHO) is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health. Its work in HIV and AIDS is focused on the rapid scale up of treatment and care while accelerating prevention and strengthening health systems so that the health sector response to the epidemic is more effective and comprehensive. WHO defines and develops effective technical norms and guidelines, promotes partnership and provides strategic and technical support to Member States. The Organization also contributes to the global AIDS knowledge base by supporting surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, reviewing the evidence for interventions and promoting the integration of research into health service delivery.

UN JT Member

Silviu Ciobanu


Communicable Diseases Officer (HP/CDS/SHA) STIs/HIV/AIDS Focal Point

World Health Organization

Regional Office for Europe

Country Office in the Republic of Moldova

27 Sfatul Tarii, office 37-38

Chisinau, MD 2012,

Republic of Moldova

Telephone: +373 22 233 783

Fax:          +373 22 237 346

Mobile:      +373 691 39 740