National Youth Resource Centre (NYRC)

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National Youth Resource Centre provides consultancy services and logistical support to employees of the Regional and Local Youth Resource Centers, youth initiative groups, members of youth NGO and professionals working with young people in the following areas:
  • organization of capacity building;
  • development of financing request;
  • fundraising;
  • organizational management;
  • development of activity reports;
  • development of educational materials for young people etc.

Young people, an important resource:

Investing in young people is one of the most judicious decision on long term, leaders, governments and communities can make – an idea, which in order to become universal should be also applied both at global level and in the Republic of Moldova.

National Youth Resource Centre organizes capacity building for:

  • professionals working with young people at local and regional level;
  • experts from local public administration dealing with young people problems;
  • leaders of NGO and local initiative groups for young people;
  • educators for development of life skills based education;
  • members of the Local Youth Councils;
  • animators of Free Time.

Centre has a computer room and organizes monthly courses on:

  • basic notions in using computers (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office);
  • Internet and E-mail (basic principles);
  • web-pages development (basic knowledge on web-pages development).

National Youth Resource Centre is available to establish partnerships with Regional and Local Youth Resource Centers and facilitate the communication between these institutions through:

  • training the centers employees in supplying healthy and quality services to young people;
  • develop the electronic list which ensures rapid dissemination of the information;
  • placing the information about the Regional and Local Centers on the website of the National Youth Resource Centre

National Youth Resource Centre implements the project "Young People for HIV/AIDS Prevention", in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Youth of the Republic of Moldova and with the financial support of the UNICEF Agency in Moldova, UNFPA and the Unit for Coordination, Implementation and Monitoring of the Project on Health System Restructuring (UCIMP). A peer network was developed within the project specialized in HIV prevention in pre-university and vocational institutions.


Viorel Babii

Project Director