Youth-friendly Health Centre "ATIS"

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Active, Young, Informed, Healthy – aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and fostering responsible behavior among adolescents and young people in Balti, comprehensively addressing the needs of the target group and explore the potential of teenagers.

Basic package of provided services consists of:

  • Integrated advisory services of specialists: gynecologists, dermato-venerolog, internist, physician, psychologist, social worker - every day.
  • School of young families, individual and group psychotherapy, art therapy, dance therapy, informational seminars, volunteer activities, working in the field / outreach, informational materials - weekly.

The target group for the services in the centre are young people between 10 and 30 years, often:
• children and young people who have one or both parents emigrated;
• orphans:
• street youth;
• youth victims of sexual abuse;
• young people who are HIV +;
• youth out of school;
• unemployed youth;
• youth in conflict with the law;
• institutionalized youth;
• victims of human trafficking;
• victims of physical violence;
• Young single mothers;


Youth Friendly Health Centre "ATIS", through its work, managed to establish itself as an important resource at the community level regarding the identification, qualified assistance and maintaining contacts with children and adolescents at risk, representing at the same time, an open gate for child or young person in difficulty to other specialized services both governmental and nongovernmental. The most important conclusion that we realize daily, is that all providing services organizations must coexist in harmony and work within a viable partnership in order to be effective, and the interests of the beneficiaries are the priority.

Partner organizations and supporters of "ATIS":

  • Balti Mayoralty
  • Municipal Hospital, Balti
  • Family Medical Center, Balti
  • Association “Médecins du Monde" (France)
  • IOM
  • Association "Youth for the right to live"