Best Practice Collection of UNAIDS Moldova

One of the most important missions of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) in Moldova is to assist local stakeholders with strategic planning and develop capacity of the local organizations in the field. Pursuing this mission, UNAIDS Moldova presents a collection of best practices documented in the Republic of Moldova, thereby complementing the guidelines and other strategic documents with practical case studies.

Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Prisons

Implementers: NGO "Medical Reforms in Penitentiary Institutions" in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, Department of Penitentiary Institutions, Medical Section, with the technical support of the United Nations Theme Group on HIV/AIDS in Moldova and the International Harm Reduction Development Programme.
Achievements: For the first time, introduced a project that made syringes, needles, bleach, condoms, as well as tattoo and shaving equipment available to inmates in Moldovan prisons, this proving to be, first of all a powerful awareness tool, and secondly an effective tool for reducing blood-borne infections.

Entire Best Practice

International Best Practices

UNAIDS has collected some of the most oustanding best practices from the entire world.

A Buddhist Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Thailand [35Kb]
Sangha Metta Project, Chiangmai, Thailand