December 13, 2007, 11:00

Place: Ministry of Health, Conference Room

Agenda Items

1. The closing out plan of the I round grant financed by Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (MOL-102-G01-C-00): "Support of National HIV/AIDS/STI Prophylaxis and Control and TB Control and Prophylaxis Programmes. Oleg Barba, TB/AIDS Policy Advisor, CCM Secretariat
Victor Burinschi, PCU Coordinator
2. Selecting sub – recipients within the 6 round grant of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (MOL-607-G03-H): "Scaling up access towards prevention, treatment and care according to the National HIV/AIDS/STI Prophylaxis and Control Programme for the period 2006–2010". Victor Volovei, Director Executive PCU
3. Information related to the implementation of the project of social assistance for the MDR-TB patients involved in DOTS-plus project. Lilian Severin, Director "Carlux" NGO
4. Activities of the League of persons living with HIV/AIDS: achievements and recommendations. Igor Chilcevschii, League Chair



  1. CCM members approved the Close out plan on the grant (Ist round) of the GFATM "Support to the National HIV/ADS/STI and National Tuberculosis Control Programmes"
  2. The Project Implementation, Coordination, Monitoring Unit is allowed to continue the procurement of consultancy services
  3. CCM was informed about the activity of "Carlux" NGO
  4. Ministry of Health will enquire the possibilities to provide social support for the patients under TB direct observed treatment
  5. According to the information presented by the League of People living with HIV/AIDS it is recommended to more actively involve the League representatives in the process of implementing the activities of the National HIV/AIDS/STI Control and Prophylaxis Programme for the period 2006–2010
  6. The CCM secretariat will present to the Chisinau Mayory a request to analyze the possibilities to offer space to League of People living with HIV/AIDS for the office for free
  7. The chiefs of technical working groups (TWG) till the mid January 2008 will elaborate the working plans for 2008
  8. Two working groups of specialists: one for TB and another for HIV/AIDS/STI fields are formed