Development of Optional Curriculum “Decisions for a Healthy Life Style”

This course on “Decisions for a Healthy Life Style” for vocational schools is aimed at developing the skills to adopt a healthy life style by acquiring new knowledge, evaluating own attitudes and adopting different models of healthy behaviors. The curriculum was developed within the Project „Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe”, financially supported by the Technical Cooperation Office of Germany (GTZ), which acts on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany.

Detailed Consultation Process

June 2010

Based on the findings of the survey and the recommendations on behalf of stakeholders was developed the draft of the optional curriculum “Decisions for a Healthy Life Style”. The course includes the Guidelines for Teachers and the Pupil's Notebook and is innovative as is a holistic course, containing all important aspects to make a decision for a healthy life style. Comments and suggestions can be sent to

Pupil's NotebookTeacher's Guidelines

May-October 2009

The survey „Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices related to HIV/AIDS among Students of Vocational Schools, their Teachers and Parents” was implemented among vocational schools in Cahul, Floresti, Stefan-Voda and Alexandreni and targeted students to assess their knowledge about HIV, attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS, risk behavior associated to HIV transmission, use of VCT services and to identify benchmark indicators. The survey respondents are aged between 16 and 22 years old and the majority of respondents have origins in rural area.