Public Institution „Unit for Coordination, Implementation and Monitoring of the Project on Health System Restructuring” (UCIMP)


Public Institution „Unit for Coordination, Implementation and Monitoring of the Project on Health System Restructuring” (hereinafter UCIMP) is an autonomous, noncommercial, not-for-profit and self-managed organization, which carries out its activity according to the national legislation in place and rules of the external donor.

UCIMP was founded in accordance with the Government Decision no. 391 as of April 19, 2000.

Mission – strengthening of the public health through reforming the health system, development of the institutional capacities, modernization of services and provision system, support to the National Programmes on Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS/STI and TB and National Programme on Blood Transfusion Safety.

Purpose – efficient implementation of the projects in health system, financed by external donors, by coordinating, implementing and monitoring of the activities in accordance with financing agreements.

On-going Projects

  1. Strengthen the Control and Management of Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis in the Republic of Moldova during the period of 2009-2014; 
  2. Alleviate HIV/AIDS Impact in People Living with HIV/AIDS
  3. Increase Access to Prevention, Treatment and Support within National Programme on Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS/STI 2006-2010;
  4. Strengthen the Control of Tuberculosis in the Republic of Moldova;
  5. Blood Transfusion Safety in the Republic of Moldova.


The projects are implemented in close collaboration with state institutions, nongovernmental organizations and international agencies:

  1. Ministry of Health
  2. Ministry of Justice
  3. Specialized Institutions of Ministry of Health:
  • National Centre of Preventive Medicine, National AIDS Centre
  • Republican Dermato-venerologic Dispensary
  • National Centre of Blood Transfusion
  • Phtysionpneumology Institute „Chiril Draganiuc”
  • National Centre for Health Management
  1. Public medical-sanitary institutions: districts hospitals
  2. Districts Preventive Medicine Centers
  3. District/Municipal Family Doctors Centers
  4. International Agencies (WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNFPA)
  5. Soros Foundation-Moldova
  6. KNCV
  7. Caritas Luxembourg
  8. Carlux
  9. Red Cross
  10. Centre PAS
  11. AIDS Foundation East-West
  12. National Resource Centre for Youth