February 7, 2007, 14:30

Group: Monitoring and Evaluation
Place: Centre for Public Heath and Sanitary Management
Contact: Otilia Scutelniciuc, tel.: 73-51-25

Agenda Items

  1. Presentation of the Handbook on HIV Sentinel and Behavioural Study, Moldova 2007 as well as a report on the progress in the implementation of the study;
  2. Report on the accomplishment of the SIME HIV/AIDS/STI software and the preparation activities for the implementation of the STI module;
  3. Examination of the list of HIV/AIDS indicators used to M&E the National Health Policy;
  4. Report on the implementation of SIME TB;
  5. Report on the development of the SIME TB MDR module.


Study guide on men having sex with men, draft [374Kb] / ROStudy guide on injecting drug users, draft [559Kb] / ROStudy guide on sex workers, draft [391Kb] / ROStudy guide on penitentiary inmates, draft [390Kb] / RO