September 25, 2007, 15:00

Group: Communication and Prevention
Place: National Scientific and Practical Centre for Preventive Medicine
Contact: Silvia Muntean, Secretary, TWG on Communication and Prevention

Agenda Items

1. The national programme for promoting a healthy way of life for 2007–2015 Varfolomei Calmac, Deputy Director NSPCPM
2. HIV/AIDS awareness campaign among young people Ramona Lupu, mass media consultant, UNFPA
3. Preparation of the Dance4life project in the Republic of Moldova Olga Osadcii, Project Manager, AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW)
4. USAID communication campaign in the frame of the "Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B şi C" project Ludmila Malcoci, Manager BCC, PHH
5. UNICEF assistance in communication for prevention of HIV and AIDS Violeta Cojocaru, Chief Communication Officer, UNICEF
6. Presentation of the "Youth for HIV/AIDS prevention" project implemented by the National Centre for Youth Resources Viorel Babii, Project Coordinator
7. The mechanism for approval of information materials on HIV and AIDS in the Republic of Moldova and other documents stipulated in the Strategic Framework for Communication in the Field of HIV/AIDS and STIs Olga Osadcii, Project Manager, AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW)
8. Brainstorming on communication events for the International AIDS Day (December the 1st)  


"Youth for HIV Prevention" Project [486Kb]UNICEF Activities on HIV & Most At-Risk Adolescents [66Kb]National Programme for a Healthy Way of Life 2007–2015 [131Kb] /RO Introduction to the National Programme for a Healthy Way of Life [324Kb] / RO