December 3, 2008, 15:00

Group: Treatment and Care for People Living with HIV
Place: Ministry of Health, Conference Room

Agenda Items

1. Present the revised membership of the group NCC secretariat
2. The procedure to reimburse the transport fees for people in ARV treatment within the Project "Ensure social support and increase of ARV treatment adherence of people living with HIV" Ecaterina Damian, PAS Center
3. Present preliminary results of WHO mission on management of Hepatitis B&C in HIV co-infected patients. Silviu Ciobanu, WHO
4. Present the draft of the national concept on evaluation and prevention of antiretroviral drug resistance development Silviu Ciobanu, WHO
6. Miscellaneous  


Moldova: Strategy and Draft Plan to Monitor and Prevent HIV Drug Resistance, 2009–2013 [383Kb] ROEarly Warning Indicators [118Kb] ROViral Hepatitis B and C in Moldova. Results and Preliminary Recommendations of WHO Mission [121Kb] / RO


  1. Aliona Serbulenco, Head of Public Medical Services Directorate of the Ministry of Health was appointed as the new group leader of the TWG. Silviu Ciobanu, WHO STI/HIV Programmes Coordinator was nominated as TWG Secretary;
  2. Continue reimbursement for all patients with medical indications to Republican Dermato-Venerological Dispensary living outside Chisinau, regardless of the number of visits in the first quarter of 2009 and to identify subsequently additional financial means;
  3. Organize a separate meeting in an extended membership in order to settle the issues related to the treatment of B&C parenteral hepatitis, by involving all relevant experts;
  4. Revert back in the short run on importance of Early Warning Indicators related to antiretroviral drug resistance development;
  5. Present the TWG activity plan for the first quarter of 2009.