March 28-29, 2008

Group: Treatment and Care for People Living with HIV
Place: Vadul lui Voda, IT Relax

Agenda Items

  1. Discuss the recommendations on structure of service delivery framework in HIV/AIDS
  2. Finalize the suggestions to be included within the proposal for Global Fund
  3. Elaborate the list of indicators for the proposal to Global Fund, 8th Round


MoH Order [258Kb] / RO



  1. Explore the possibility to have 2 main recipients for sources of GFATM, Round VIII: Ministry of Health and NGO.
  2. Discuss within NCC TB/AIDS the possibility for League of persons living with HIV in Moldova to become recipient of GFATM financial resources, Round VIII.
  3. The project proposal to GFATM, Round VIII should be focused on health system consolidation.
  4. Review the structure of service delivery for people living with HIV.
  5. Detailed description of components for national level, including financial necessities of Department for Organization and Methodology would be performed by Republican Dermato-Venerological Dispensary.