Proposal to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria by Republic of Moldova, Round VI

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The Republic of Moldova has applied for the VI Round of Proposals of the Global Fund to Fight TB, AIDS and Malaria (GFATM). Following an extended, participatory and consensus-based consultation process, NCC with its TWG and other stakeholders have developed a project proposal aiming at supporting the National AIDS and TB Programmes. The country grant proposal of the NCC was further on approved by the GFATM Committee.
Detailed Country Consultation Process
Announcements Related to the Process of Development of the GF Proposal

Final Project Proposal to GFATM – Moldova [1Mb]Summary of HIV/AIDS Component [14Kb]Summary of the TB Component [27Kb]Workplan for the Global Fund Proposal [214Kb]Procurement Plan, AIDS Component [141Kb]Detailed Budget to the Global Fund Proposal [602Kb]Target and Indicators Table [52Kb]Detailed Description of Activities [120Kb]Programme Gap Analysis Table [30Kb]Key Expenditure Items [145Kb]Human Resource Costs [141Kb]

Previous Proposal to GFATM Filed by Moldova


In March of 2003, GFATM has signed a grant agreement with the Republic of Moldova in a total amount of over 11mln USD. The Project – Support to the National Programme for Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STI’s and to the National Programme for Control of TB in Moldova – has supported the HIV/AIDS/STIs/TB efforts in the country. The Project proposed filed by Moldova in Round I GFATM can be found below.

Download Full Proposal [1.43Mb]

Official Grant Approval Letter – AIDS Compoment [112Kb]Official Grant Approval Letter – TB Compoment [111Kb]Review Form – AIDS Component [74Kb]Review Form – TB Component [64Kb]TRP Response Form – AIDS Compoment [42Kb]TRP Response Form – TB Compoment [60Kb]TB/AIDS UCIMP Report on Activity for January-March 2008 [305Kb] / ROTB/AIDS UCIMP Report on Activity for April-June 2008 [432Kb] / ROTB/AIDS UCIMP Report on Activity for April-June 2009 [555Kb] / RO

Elaboration and Approval Mechanism


NCC meeting

Elaboration of the draft proposal

Finalizing the first draft of the proposal

Discussing and approving the drafts by the 2 local technical review committees

NCC meeting to approve the final version of the proposal

Submitting the proposal to the GF

Full Document [13Kb]