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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is a development agency with strong country presence. Its role is to promote an enabling policy, legislative and resource environment which helps create an effective response to AIDS. UNDP supports countries in placing AIDS at the centre of national development agendas; promotes government, civil society, private sector and community leadership; helps countries to develop capacity for action as well as to plan, manage and implement responses to the epidemic. UNDP also works to ensure that women and people living with HIV are empowered and directly involved in the response to AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Related Projects and/or Activities

Scaling-up the response to HIV/AIDS in the Uniformed Services of Moldova

Total Budget: 435,035.89 USD
Implementation Period: November 2005 – June 2009
Implementor/ Management Site: UNDP/ Ministry of Defense

The project will work with the armed forces of Moldova – the National Army, the Border Guards and the Carabineers – to target people in uniform and through them – their peers and their families – with communication and direct outreach prevention work. The project will work with government officials, decision-makers and commanders in the armed forces, local public authorities and NGOs to strengthen their capacity in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS/STI plans and activities.

The expected result of project operations is a significant and sustainable increase in the level of motivated safe behaviour based on knowledge, increased access to information, counselling, testing and other services through an established referral system, access to products and commodities (ex. condoms, razors, clean needles through VCT rooms).

Project Details [113Kb]Project Implementation Report [145Kb]

Prevention of STIs/HIV/AIDS in the Armed Forces of Moldova

Total Budget: 30,000 USD
Implementation Period: April 2003 – October 2004
Implementor/ Management Site: UNDP/ Ministry of Defense

This project aims to reduce the spreading of sexually-transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS in the Armed Forces of Moldova. In particular, it supports the implementation of the prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs among youth section of the National Programme on HIV/AIDS/STIs Prevention for 2001–2005.

Project Details [92Kb]


Partnership Against HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe, Baltic States and the CIS

Total Budget: 75,000 USD
Implementation Period: March 2002 – June 2004
Implementor/ Management Site: UNDP/ NEXI

The project is designed to enhance the capacity of governments and non-governmental organizations in the region to respond more effectively to the social, economic and governance dimensions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Also it is aimed at strengthening advocacy and national capacities to implement comprehensive and integrated national responses; through a networking of country based activities that reflect the epidemic’s multidimensional nature and need for a broad based response within a sound ethical, legal and human rights framework. The human rights framework is going to cover review of national legislation in HIV/AIDS and development of new legislation in the fields where appropriate. The modalities of East-East co-operation will be used for sharing expertise and experiences of successful initiatives in addressing the epidemic. The project builds upon the operational experiences in the countries as well as the lessons learned from phase I of the regional programme (RER/98/002).

Project Details [71Kb]Project Implementation Report [18Kb]

Providing Assistance in HIV/AIDS Strategic Planning and Implementation of Prevention and Information Activities

Total Budget: 54,000 USD
Implementation Period: 1999–2000
Implementor/ Management Site: Government of Moldova

The project was developed with the purpose to provide technical and financial assistance to the Government of Moldova in the formulation and implementation of a viable national strategic plan for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and STIs. A number of assessments of the epidemiological situation and statistical research will be incorporated in a strategy for increasing population awareness, stimulation of prevention activities and preparation of an adequate response to the situation. The project will build the capacity of professionals in the health sphere, mass media and teachers, and will enhance the collaboration with the non-governmental sector.

Project Details [93Kb]Project Implementation Report [28Kb]

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