Charity Social-Medical Foundation "Angelus Moldova"

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Charity Social-Medical Foundation "Angelus Moldova" was created in July 2000 and officially registered as of August 29, 2000 in Chisinau municipality. The foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical and not-for-profit organization.

The major purpose is to build a new system of social-medical support, granted for free to patients, incurable ill of cancer in the advanced stage of the sickness, within in and out-patient premises as well as to their relatives by establishing the Hospice service in the Republic of Moldova.


  • offer palliative care to incurable oncologic patients and their families, including control of pain and other specific symptoms;
  • psychological, emotional and spiritual support, including psychological support services to relatives by and after the death of the person.

In November 2001, when it was established the mobile team and care services were provided to first patients, the Foundation opened the Hospice "Angelus", which provides social-medical services at home. The doctors were trained in different hospices from Russia, Poland, Romania, Austria, Great Britain and Hungary. The institution’s team provides care to patients from municipality of Chisinau (approximately 800 000 inhabitants) and consults via phone the patients from districts. All services are for free. 100 patients and their relatives are Hospice’s beneficiaries annually. Hospice "Angelus" offers to patients, beneficiaries of care services: medical drugs, food products and consumables as: crutches, wheel chairs, different supports for moving, materials for bandages, probes. Up-to-date the mobile team consists of: 4 doctors, one social assistant and volunteers, one medical assistant, one psychologist, clergy workers.

Educational programmes, organized and conducted by the Charity Social-Medical Foundation "Angelus Moldova" in collaboration with the National Association of Palliative Care, include: trainings for family doctors, medical and social workers, psychologists and students as well as a series of charity events: concert "A Little Help – A Huge Hope", concert auction on World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.


Valerian Isac

Executive Director