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Charity Association "New Life" started its activity in 1999 based on a group consisted of injecting drug users, people living with HIV as well as people not indifferent towards these issues. The association has been registered as non-governmental organization on July 12, 2001.


  • Promote healthy life style among population of Republic of Moldova through psycho-social rehabilitation of people using alcohol, drugs, people living with HIV and their families.
  • Develop alternative methods and support ill people and their families (including people living with HIV and people in penitentiaries), as well as carry out prevention activities within education institutions.


  • Diminish level of drug abuse, criminality and HIV/AIDS epidemic in Moldova as well as improve quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and injecting drug users (IDU).


  • Intensify activism among beneficiaries;
  • Improve quality of life of people living with HIV;
  • Diminish the level of HIV epidemic spread and drug abuse in Republic of Moldova;
  • Elaborate and implement alternative methods of rehabilitation and re-socialization of IDUs and PLHIV;
  • Establish the system to supply services to people affected by HIV/AIDS and drugs (relatives and dependents);
  • Develop programmes aiming at extending partnership relations between NGO "New Life" and initiative groups, state bodies in order to consolidate efforts for efficient accomplishment of the purpose.

Activity Directions:

  • Areas of activity: the organization developed regular and efficient activities to identify beneficiaries in the following settings: narcological hospitals, infectious disease hospital, penitentiary institutions (approximately 90 visits annually in every mentioned institution);
  • Prevent dug use and HIV infection among young people: volunteers of organization have organized numerous meetings with young people within schools, university as well as different NGOs (approximately for 1000 persons);
  • Organize trainings and workshops: in order to develop the internal potential of the organization 60 workshops for volunteers and 10 trainings for development of initiative groups from other regions were organized.
  • Tools of rehabilitation: a gradual system including:
    1. Ambulatory activities within Day Centre – personal approach to the beneficiaries (more then 500 consultations during a year), hot line, rehabilitation groups (250 for a year, approximately 10–15 persons attend the group);
    2. Legal assistance – activity started in January 2008 and people can beneficiate twice a week of legal assistance on rights and duties of vulnerable groups;
    3. Self support groups – the basic component is ‘peer-to-peer’ activity which has during the last 9 years quantitatively and qualitatively improved. 15 self support groups are organized during every week: 8 – Chisinau, 2 – Anenii-Noi district, 1 – within women penitentiary in Rusca, as well as one group in Soroca, Ungheni, Falesti and Cahul;
    4. Therapeutical community in village Berezki – the rehabilitation centre is foreseen for hosting concomitantly 15 persons. 200 persons were beneficiaries of the centre and 70 persons are annually enrolled within rehabilitation process;
    5. Free time – cultural evenings, sportive competitions, camping (10–15 activities are carried out during the year).
    6. Collaboration – partnership and collaboration relationships have been established with state institutions: Republican Narcological Dispensary, Department of Penitentiary Institutions, Republican Dermatovenerological Dispensary, Police Commissariat of Chisinau municipality as well as with the following NGO: NGO "Light of Life", Charity Fund "Generous People", NGO "Youth for Right to Live", NGO "Your Choice", NGO "Faith", NGO "Young and Free", NGO "Childhood for Everyone", League of people living with HIV of Republic of Moldova, as well as with international organizations: UNDP, UNAIDS, BUMAD, AFEW, World Bank, UNICEF, Soros Foundation-Moldova.

The basic source of organization represents the volunteers – 60 persons and programme coordinators – 20 persons. 80% of volunteers are former injecting drug users, beneficiaries of rehabilitation programmes and 50% are people living with HIV, representing in general the capacity to offer qualitative support on "peer-to-peer" basis. Based on statistical data of organization, the average number of beneficiaries is 30 persons per day.


Ruslan Poverga

President of NGO "New Life"