Union of Organizations Operating in the Field of Harm Reduction (UOHR)

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UOHR is an institutionalized association of NGOs that implements Harm Reduction Strategies for different categories of population at high risk of infection from Moldova. Union works on the principle of voluntary, and may join any organization active in the field and approves the partnership and cooperation initiatives with other networks / organizations in the country and abroad.


Consolidation and coordination of Union’s organizations members in order to develop and promote the Harm Reduction Strategies as an efficient approach to care of public health in Moldova.

UORN Moldova was founded in December 2004 at the initiative of several organizations that implement the Harm Reduction Strategies in Moldova and was later registered at the Ministry of Justice in November 2007.


Directions of UOHR activity:

  • Facilitate the exchange of experience and multiply of best practices among organizations that implement harm reduction programs– organization of study visits and field visits with staff participation of all harm reduction programs.
  • Strengthen the capacities of Organizations that implements programs in Harm Reduction Strategy by providing continuous vocational trainings– seminars, workshops, trainings, consultations and supervision.
  • Provide direct connections between organizations that implement programs in Harm Reduction Strategy and other institutions with tangents in field of activities – organization of round tables, conferences, facilitation of participation at international events in the field, establish the dialog between the organizations that implement programs of harm reduction and governmental institutions from the field of health care and social protection.
  • Advocacy for initiating support for Programs implemented in Harm Reduction Strategy from the National Public Budget resources (participation in developing and facilitating the application of minimum quality standards for organizations that implement harm reduction programs in the Republic of Moldova).
  • Organization of activities to prevent HIV infection, Tuberculosis and viral Hepatitis B and C in beneficiaries environment of harm reductionprograms – organization of a theatrical forum with an educational character for the beneficiaries of harm reduction programs in the regions, distribution of informational materials, organization of training seminars, etc.
  • Promotion of dissemination and awareness actions – maintaining of the informational blog www.uorn.wordpress.com and the website www.drognet.md , compilation and dissemination of monthly electronic newsletter.


Ala Iatco

Tel.: +373 79571441

Fields of activity

Social services development
Human Rights
Nongovernmental sector development


Physical persons



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