National Centre for Health Management (NCHM)

National Centre for Health Management Logo
National Centre for Health Management (NCHM) is a public institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, which works in accordance with the provisions of legislation in place, normative acts of the Government, the Ministry of Health, other normative acts, international treaties the Republic of Moldova has signed. NCHM was reorganized based on the Scietific-Practical Centre for Public Health and Sanitary Management according to the Government Decision of the Republic of Moldova no. 1247 as of November 16, 2007 on "National Centre for Health Management".

NCHM collaborates with central specialized bodies of the public administration authorities and in case with local public administration authorities, public associations and other nongovernmental organizations interested in protection and strengthening of the population’s health.


  • The activity of NCHM focuses on implementation of the health management state policy, medical statistics and data basis of the national health system, medical equipment and building of the Integrated Medical Information System.

Priority directions of activity:

  • Collection, generalization and analysis of the statistical information concerning the public health;
  • Elaboration of draft laws, decisions and orders, economic and legal expertise;
  • Elaboration of standards, norms and guidelines of medical assistance;
  • Practical implementation of management and marketing principles in medicine;
  • Establishment of informational systems for collection of operational information concerning the population’s health;
  • Identification and practical implementation of primary and insurance health care principles;
  • Development of state programmes with special focus and medical assistance for vulnerable layers of the population.

NCHM Departments:

  • Department Practice includes the management of health services, health services audit, medical statistics and monitoring, informational technologies and management of medical equipment;
  • Department Science includes the Science Directorate and the Scientific Council.