Government of the Republic of Moldova and its Ministries

Ministry Focal Point HIV/AIDS Related Activities
Ministry of Health Mihai Magdei
Vice-Minister of Health
+373 (22) 72-95-90
  • NAP strategic framework;
  • Development of standards and protocols;
  • Ensure the state epidemiological surveillance;
  • Provision of medical assistance to PLHIV;
  • Collaboration with NGOs and international organizations
Ministry of Education Tatiana Poting
Vice-Minister of Education
+373 (22) 23-33-48
  • Establishing and ensuring the functioning of a unique system of life skills training among youth;
  • Development and publishing of methodical materials;
  • Training of teachers
Ministry of Internal Affairs Dumitru Ursachi
Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs
+373 (22) 25-53-42
  • Combat illegal drug trafficking and narcobusiness;
  • Training of staff in HIV/AIDS/STIs;
  • Control over compliance with regulations against pornography, violence and drug consumption
Ministry of Finance Nina Lupan
Vice-Minister of Finance
+373 (22) 22-66-29
  • Budgeting and provision of financial support of the NAP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU Integration  
  • Informing foreign citizens on HIV/AIDS infection;
  • Protect the rights and interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova which are outside of their home country in aspects of prevention of HIV/AIDS infection
Ministry of Justice Oleg Efrim
Vice-Minister of Justice
+373 (22) 23-47-97
  • Expertise related to the legal framework;
  • HIV/AIDS/STIs activities in penitenciary institutions