United Nations HIV/AIDS Technical and Decision Bodies

All UN agencies are involved in the national response to HIV/AIDS in some way and area. Overall, to ensure better coordination and direction of efforts and resources, inter-agency technical and decision bodies have been created and made operational.

Terms of Reference for the Joint UN Team on AIDS in Moldova

The Joint UN Team on AIDS (UN JT) is the permanent operational and technical body of the UN system on HIV/AIDS inMoldova and has the purpose to ensure cohesion and effectiveness of the UN contribution to the national response to HIV/AIDS in Moldova. Meetings of the JT are held at least once per month and are supported by UNAIDS.

United Nations Theme Group on HIV/AIDS

Up to recently, the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS has been the main technical and decision making body on HIV/AIDS in the UN. The UN TG jointed agency country representatives and HIV/AIDS focal points, as well as other key international HIV/AIDS stakeholders. A UN Technical Working Group on HIV/AIDS was operation under the UN TG. Currently, together with the creation of the UN JT, most of the decisions on HIV/AIDS areas will be taken by the UN Country Team.