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Detailed Description of Key Areas

Needle-Syringe Programming (NSP)

  • Syringe/Needle Exchange – exchange of used needles/syringes for clean ones; locations, attracting new clients; advocacy
  • Disposal of contaminated needles – includes provision of containers, transportation, biohazard disposal and possible incineration
  • Bleaching/Distribution of substances to clean equipment – distribution of, and advice on/cleaning solutions

Drug substitution treatment

  • Training – treatment service professionals
  • Education of patients about safer drug use and safer sex
  • Refferal to other services – including psychosocial, social and physical rehabilitation and support
  • Provision of substitution theraphy
  • Advocacy and legal framework – including key decision makers and local public authorities

HIV/AIDS related treatment

  • Referral to other services – includes referral to other medical services (e.g. STI treatment); social welfare and legal support
  • Counseling – designed to decrease risky behavior, such as sharing equipment; including locations, service providers, attracting new clients, etc.

Information, education and communication (IEC)

  • Development and production of IEC materials – includes focus group discussions and market research; testing, revision, and re-testing of messages with sample audiences. Production of IEC materials
  • Transmission/distribution of IEC materials and messages – including channels, target groups
  • Peer educators – including role, motivation, training and recruitment
  • Condom distribution – including storing and packaging the condoms as well as distributing them to wholesalers or retailers
  • Training – training of all personnel, including laboratory, medical, managerial and support staff

Group Members

Liliana GhermanSoros Foundation Moldova (group leader)

Vitalie Slobozian, Soros Foundation Moldova (secretary)

Ecaterina RotaruNational AIDS Centre

Stefan Gheorghita, National AIDS Centre

Mihai Oprea, Republican Narcological Dispensary

Vladimir Taranu, Department of Penitenciary Institutions

Iurie Osoianu, NGO "Saving the Future Together"

Alexei Filatov, NGO "Credinta"

Igor Doncila, NGO "Gender Doc-M"

Ala Iatco, NGO "Youth for the Right to Live", Balti

Valeriu Stepanov, NGO "Future Generation"