Education and Youth

July 12, 2011; 15:00

Ministry of Education

July 16, 2009, 14:00

UN House, Conference Room, Ist floor (131, 31 August 1989 str.)

June 13, 2006

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Detailed Description of Key Areas

Peer education

  • Development and production of IEC materials – for the target population
  • Peer educators – including role, motivation, and recruitment
  • Training – of all staff, including CSW, ex-IDUs peer educators who will have responsibility for conducting the educational sessions; refresher training
  • Transmission of IEC materials/messages – to the target population, through individual and/or group sessions
  • Management and administration – including planning, supervision and evaluation of the strategy


  • Networking – including channelling, support and information sharing
  • Advocacy
  • Grants/ financing
  • Mechanism and framework for Referral system

HIV and the workplace

  • Promotion – including awareness of the need to have HIV policies at the work place; size and type of entities in focus; delegation of responsibilities
  • Framework – protocols and legal framework to support the implementation of HIV policies at the work place

HIV school education

  • Development and production of curriculum and educational materials – includes preliminary work such as focus group discussions and testing, revision and re-testing of messages with sample audiences, as well as the production of the final materials; continuous production of materials, for example an AIDS magazine or newsletter
  • Training – including who and how often will be trained. Ideally, training should address teaching methods as well as provide information on AIDS
  • Management/administration – day-to-day management and administration of the strategy by the overseeing department (for example the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health); also evaluating the strategy

Group Members

Elena Petrov, Ministry of Education (group leader)

Viorel BabiiNational Youth Resource Centre (group secretary)

Galina Morari, Ministry of Health

Usaci Doina, Ministry of Education

Parlicov Eugenia, Ministry of Education

Vartic Aurelia, Ministry of Education

Varfolomei Calmic, National Scientific and Practical Centre for Preventive Medicine

Otilia ScutelniciucNational Centre of Health Management

Elena BodisteanuAFEW

Andrei Osadci, AFEW

Liliana Caraulan, UCIMP

Angela CapceleaUNICEF

Larisa CultucluGTZ

Alexandrina IovitaUNAIDS

Violeta Bunescu, UNAIDS

Irina LipcanuUNFPA