Software in HIV


The HIV component of the SIME HIV/STI database is an information system for case management, integrating the follow-up for each PLHIV once a diagnosis is made and the new case is confirmed. Hence, the HIV component of the SIME HIV/STI includes the following chapters: new cases, and case management (patient follow-up, investigations done, treatment provided). Social services and welfare that any given person has benefited from should be reflected in SIME HIV/STI too, with data being entered by the infectious diseases specialist based upon the data provided by the social worker, with those two collaborating within the district multidisciplinary team. 

SIME HIV/ARV, Treatment Component

The development of the ARV drugs evidence module is key for reducing stock-outs of drugs and thus, of providing a high quality medical assistance to PLHA.

The developmet of the ARV tretament module witin SIME HIV is designed to ensure basic business-processes (data entry, stck replenishment, drugs orders, drug consume reporting, drug inventory etc) for ARV drug evidence at the national level. 


The VCT IS – VolCot – allows for proper monitoring of pre and post test counselling activities, as well as quality data collection and reporting on indicators standardized according to national and international definitions and requirements. 

Unique Identifier

Under the auspices of the National Drug Observatory, the “Unique Identifier” software has been developed for monitoring services provided to IDUs by service providers in the framework of the Harm Reduction programme. Currently the initial version of the software is under implementation. This version allows for processing data from primary service delivery entry forms and for their aggregation in a single national database. The software generates service-based reports depending on category of service (materials distributed, number of consultations, etc). 

Methadone Register IS

The Methadone Substitution Treatment Register (database) has been designed for the registration of data on beneficiaries enrolled in the methadone substitution treatment and on quantities of methadone distributed to them. 

National Data Depository (SIDATA)

To enhance availability of data and their use in strategic planning, the concept of the comprehensive national data depository has been developed participatory, structured around data needs at different levels and in different sectors of the national response to HIV. The national database SIDATA constitutes a functional instrument to ensure accessibility of data for use in policy development, programme management and adjusting interventions.