“Think Health, Not Drugs”

June 28, 2010

International Day against Drug Use and Illicit Trafficking is marked annually as of June 26 and this year slogan is „Think Health, Not Drugs".

The purpose of this day is to contribute additionally to the promotion of healthy life style and distribution of information on the severe consequences of the drug use and other psychotropic substances. Despite the fact that many young people are aware of the risks associated to the drugs and psychotropic substances use, they continue experimenting on own health, risking their health and even life.

Nowadays the drug use represents one of the vices which cause the most severe damages to the human being. 185 mln persons use drugs, according to data of United Nations, which represent 3 % of the globe population aged between 15-30 years.

In the Republic of Moldova, 800-900 young people are registered as users of drugs and psychotropic substances and need to be involved in information programmes on prevention and anti-drug treatment.

As of January 1, 2010, according to the statistical data, 8802 people are on medical evidence for drug use. Approximately 300 persons affected by the drug use were registered during the first 6 months of 2010.

It is worrying the fact that the drug use is spread in our country preponderant among teenagers and young people. Nowadays of the total number of persons affected by the drug use, monitored by the narcologist, 36.3 % are young people aged between 19-30 years old. The weight of men as of the total number of drug users is 93.4% and women’ weight is 6.6%.

Ministry of Health and Narcological Service implement activities on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug users. Therefore, within the Republican Narcological Dispensary was established the Center on Rehabilitation and Re-socialization of Drug Addicts, where the substitution therapy is practiced.

Meanwhile, doctors underscore the need of educational and information programmes among young people at all levels in order to prevent the drug use, by involving parents, teachers, doctors and representatives of other institutions. Only by joining efforts of all members of the society in implementing a communication campaign on the harm of the drug use and benefits of the healthy life style we can help young people to make a correct decision for their life and health.


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