May 31, 2007, 15:00

Group: Voluntary Counselling and Testing in HIV and Hepatitis B, C
Place: Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Conference Room

Agenda Items

Presentation of budget plans to cover the national network of voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) centres I. Climasevschi, PHH; D. Banaru, NSPCPM
Presentation of the drafts of the facilitator’s handbook on voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) and the methodical guide on pre- and post- HIV/hepatitis B/C test counselling L. Luca, PHH
Presentation of the questionnaires required for the activity of the VCT service I. Climasevschi, PHH


VCT Cost Evaluation outside Chisinau [33Kb] / ROCounselling Guide – Contents [105Kb] / RORecord File Post-Test – HIV-positive [74Kb] / ROCosting Methodology [123Kb] / RORecord File Pre-Hepatitis Test [122Kb] / ROVCT Activity Record [68Kb] / ROVCT Cost Evaluation for Chisinau [29Kb] / ROCounselling Guide – Cover [50Kb] / ROCounselling Guide [1,112Kb] / ROCounselling Guide – Authors [107Kb] / RORecord File Post-Test – HIV-negative [91Kb] / RORecord File Pre-HIV Test [123Kb] / RO