November 30, 2006, 15:00

Group: Voluntary Counselling and Testing in HIV and Hepatitis B, C
Place: Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Conference Room

Agenda Items

1. Opening words Liviu Vovc, Head of General Health Department, Ministry of Health and Social Protection
2. Presentation of Objective 1 of PHH Project and the work plan for the 1st year of activity. Baseline presentation Iurie Climasevschi, USAID PHH, manager, VCT Department
3. Drafting the Work Plan for the next year. Selection of the TWG secretary  


Form – Post-test Counselling, positive result [37Kb] /RO 
Form – Post-test Counselling, negative result [32Kb] /RO 

2007 Work plan of the VCT Department, USAID [200Kb] /RO 

Instruction on the use of the Risk Evaluation Plan [68Kb] /RO 

Form – Solicitation of HIV Test [21Kb] /RO 

Baseline document [278Kb] /RO 

Form – Risk Evaluation Plan [99Kb] /RO 

Form – Consent for Rapid Testing [29Kb] /RO 

Form – Pre-test Counselling [40Kb] /RO 

2007 Work plan of the TWG on VCT [110Kb] / RO




  1. The Secretary of the TWG was appointed.
  2. TWG Work Plan for 2007 was approved.
  3. Mrs. Maria Tarus was suggested to be included in the TWG membership.
  4. It was suggested to look into the best practices of other countries on VCT.