Informative Bulletin on the HIV Infection Situation in the Republic of Moldova in 2006

This periodic bulletin is issued by the National AIDS Centre and presents the latest official data on HIV infection in the Republic of Moldova. In the beginning a thorough description of the HIV infection state in the country is provided, mentioning the measures undertaken in order to redress the situation. Besides analysis of the information and the relevant comments, recommendations with respect to possible ways to ameliorate the situation are given. Tables containing data regarding the last year (2006) as well as regarding a longer period of time (since 1987) are presented afterwards.

Besides cumulative data recorded between 1987 and 2006, the bulletin provides analytic indicators such as incidence and prevalence divided by administrative territories. The studied contingents are analysed according to age, sex, and ways of transmission. Special attention is paid to data regarding HIV testing. Regardless of whether the tested people prefer to stay anonymous or not, the answers they write in the questionnaire can provide valuable information such as the reason for taking the test, the possible source of infection, and the way of transmission. Equally noteworthy is the attempt to make a clear difference between the inception stage of HIV infection and the immunodeficiency syndrome, as well as to statistically reflect the span between the moment HIV is detected and the moment of AIDS diagnosis. Information regarding the period between the moment HIV or AIDS is detected and the demise of the infected person is also presented.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS reports, official statistics, NAC, situation in 2006