September 19, 2008, 13:00

Group: Vulnerable Groups
Place: National Centre for Health Management, Reunion Room

Agenda Items

  1. Results of the study regarding the risk assessment of infecting among MARA
  2. Procurement of the equipment aiming at extending prevention activities within vulnerable groups and assistance to people living with HIV
  3. Miscellaneous



  1. The Unit for Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programmes will introduce as conclusion the fact that according to study results, the access to VCT services for the mentioned group is limited.
  2. The Unit for Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programmes will finalize the report and distribute to interested persons. The report will represent a reference to draft policies in area and to identify necessary financial resources in order to implement respective activities.
  3. In order to elaborate policies and plan interventions, the TWG recommends involvement of experts by organizing a joint meeting of TWG Vulnerable Groups and TWG Social Services, Education and Social Assistance. The NCC TB/AIDS Secretariat will enable the process.
  4. The TWG recommends approaching the raised issue during the Medium-Term Review of National Programme on Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STI for 2006–2010. If NCC TB/AIDS decides to apply to GFATM, Round 9, the proposed interventions for prevention of HIV transmission within the mentioned group should be included within Grant Proposal.
  5. UNICEF, on own initiative, will identify possibilities to provide technical assistance during proposal elaboration to GFATM, Round 9, component: prevention among MARA and EVA.
  6. UCIMP will ensure the procurement of transport means (5) according to technical requirements examined and approved by the TWG Vulnerable Groups.
  7. UCIMP will elaborate the contract draft for use of the transportation means and jointly with NCC TB/AIDS Secretariat will design the distribution criteria of vehicles to service providers.