Recruitment of a consultant to organize and facilitate trainings for medical staff on new clinical protocols and testing guidelines on HIV

In 2017, Moldova passed through the process of reviewing and adjusting the national 5 clinical ARV protocols (adults, adolescents, pregnant, prep and pep) and national testing guidelines according to the latest WHO recommendations to allow the alignment of Moldova to 90-90-90 strategy. The protocols have been approved by the Ministry of Health in February 2018. In order to ensure a smooth and correct implementation of the new protocols, a set of trainings for medical staff from all the rayons of the country should be provided.

The organisation of a set of four two-days trainings for the medical specialists on new 5 clinical ARV protocols (adults, adolescents, pregnant, prep and pep) and a set of eight one day trainings for medical staff on national testing guidelines is planned for the period March-May 2018.

Purpose of consultancy:

The consultant will be recruited for a short-term consultancy with the overall goal to facilitate the trainings for the medical specialists from Moldova.

A total number of 300 participants at twelve trainings.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Develop the draft of MoH order and ensure its approval;
  • Elaborate the list of participants and negotiate it with the Medical State University and ensure the participation of those;
  • Develop a comprehensive agenda for the participants based on the new protocols and testing guidelines. Agenda shall be coordinated with UNAIDS Moldova;
  • Develop presentations for the trainings;
  • Facilitate the trainings;
  • Ensure the pre and post evaluation of the training through the development of a questionnaire, its application and analysis.

The outputs of the consultancy shall be:

  • Developed agenda for the trainings, pre and post evaluation questionnaire approved by UNAIDS;
  • Developed presentations.
  • Final technical report on the work performed.

Candidates are encouraged to apply online by sending their CVs and commercial offer to the following email: , or by post to the following address: 131, 31 August 1989 str, Chisinau.

The deadline for application is 14 March, 2018, 5 p.m.

ToR facilitator for trainings