UNAIDS Moldova launches a Request for Quotation for Logistics and accommodation for the organization of a series of events

Purpose: Logistics and accommodation for the organization of a series of events (four trainings for two-days, eight trainings for one day and a workshop for one day) for medical staff within the implementation of the project “Joint Action to Strengthen Human Rights in the Transnistrian Region of the Republic of Moldova” funded by the Sweden Government.

Period: March - June 2018

Venue location: Chisinau and Tiraspol

Offers need to be clearly marked with the note “Tender for procurement of logistics and accommodation services for UNAIDS”

Offers shall reach the UNAIDS office not later than Febryary 28, 2018.  

Offers can be submitted either in hard copy or electronically. Incomplete offers shall not be examined.

a) Documents/offers in hard copy need to be addressed to:

UNAIDS Moldova,

131, 31 August 1989 Street, MD-2012 Chisinau

b) Offers sent electronically need to be addressed to the following e-mail address: andries_svetlana@yahoo.com  

Contact person: Svetlana Lisnic, Project Assistant, Tel. 060008812.

For more details please see the Request for Quotation document.
RFQ Price offer template