Project to monitor national procurement of antiretroviral drugs

League of People Living With HIV in Moldova is launching a project to monitor national procurement of antiretroviral drugs with the support of UNAIDS and ITPCru. The goal of the project is to evaluate the national system of antiretroviral drug procurement as well as to collect the latest available data to develop recommendations for expanding access to quality and affordable HIV therapy in the country. In a number of settings in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, patient organizations have ready gained considerable experience of tracing and analyzing procurement of HIV and HCV drugs and using the data obtained to improve the situation with treatment access. This project will contribute to establishing a continuous system of national patient community monitoring, which will help to increase transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of the drug procurement and provision process. The monitoring results presented in the form of analytical report, with a focus on opportunities for increasing the number of patients on treatment and optimizing treatment regimens, will be widely disseminated among all key stakeholders and used for developing a roadmap for further actions. In the future, this experience can be applied to other diseases, such as tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.