Recruitment of a Consultant on quality assurance during the implementation of the People Living with HIV Stigma Index on the both banks of the river Nistru

Short-term consultancy with the purpose to ensure the quality of data collected for HIV Stigma Index on both banks of Nistru River. As the data are being collected by people living with HIV, it may come that not all of them own professional skills, thus the insurance of quality should be considered in an emphasized way. Actually this is the specificity of this study, when peers are those who interview, instead of professional people in other sociological or operational researches.

Specific objectives:

  1. To contribute to the process of selection of the implementation teams  in partnership with and under guidance of study coordinators on both banks of Nistru River based on the study protocol requirements and taking into account the recommended division of labor and responsibilities. All interviewers should be PLHIV as a must. Other study implementation staff is recommended to be selected from PLHIV or affected by HIV. The entire selection process should be undertaken in partnership with NGOs working with PLHIV.
  2. To contribute to the development of training agenda from the quality assurance prospective.
  3. To facilitate the training sessions on quality assurance.
  4. To participate in the assessment of knowledge at the end of the training.
  5. To provide ongoing technical assistance from the quality assurance prospective to the implementation teams.
  6. To ensure proper application of the study methodology presented in the study protocol and other recommendations  provided by UNAIDS CO from the quality assurance prospective.
  7. To conduct regular quality assurance visits to the data collection sites on both banks of Nistru River (study procedures, quality of collected data, quality of registration etc.).
  8. To provide with motivation the interviewers according to the protocol provisions (1 motivation per 1 unique fully completed interview). The planned sample size should not exceed 750 unique participants.
  9. To provide the study coordinators and UNAIDS CO with periodical report s (once per week) on the implementation progress CO from the quality assurance prospective on both banks of Nistru River.
  10. To facilitate the communication and coordination with interviewers, other coordinators, NGOs involved in the process, UNAIDS office and other stakeholders CO from the quality assurance prospective.
  11. Undertake any other miscellaneous tasks to facilitate the study implementation.

Selection criteria

Consultant is required to have:

  • Relevant educational background in Medicine, Public Health or related field;
  • At least 5-years’ experience to work in the area of HIV;
  • At least 3-years’ experience in the fields of monitoring and evaluation (M&E),
  • Strong leadership and team-work skills;
  • Demonstrated experience to provide similar assignments will be an asset;
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitation and partner coordination, especially in HIV/AIDS;
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills;
  • Fluency in written and spoken Romanian and Russian;
  • Ability to work in timely manner and provide technical report on the scope of the work.

Candidates are encouraged to apply online by sending their CVs  and commercial offer to the following email: , or by post to the following address: 131, 31 August 1989 str, Chisinau.

The deadline for application is March 17th, 2017, 5 p.m.

Terms of references