Zero Discrimination Day 2017

On 1 March, people from all over the world will be commemorating  Zero  Discrimination Day, an occasion that gives us a chance to celebrate diversity, tolerance and inclusion. It is an opportunity to join together against discrimination and celebrate everyone’s right to live a full and productive life with dignity.

Challenging discrimination is not an easy task, but nothing is too small. UNAIDS is calling on everyone to make some noise for #zerodiscrimination and join voices to transform the world into a more just, fair and equitable place.


The campaign will use social media platforms for everyone to express their views on discrimination, share their personal stories and make some noise for #zerodiscrimination.

Through the use of audio, video and pictures, people can show their support for #zerodiscrimination.


Everyone can support and participate in this year’s campaign through the #zerodiscrimination Facebook page. Anyone can share their own interpretation of zero discrimination, showing support by sharing

videos and pictures or posting images and photos with the hashtag #zerodiscrimination.

A set of materials is available here to help people express how they feel about discrimination and to make some noise about it.


1. Post a video of yourself talking about your experiences or how would you like to eliminate discrimination, or simply make some noise for #zerodiscrimination.

2. Download and print out a speech bubble from here and write about why you are making noise. Then, take a picture and post it on the campaign Facebook page.


Tweets and images are available for download on the special campaign page and can be shared in support of the #zerodiscrimination campaign. 


Make some noise for #zerodiscrimination campaign brochure

As a supporting material you might use the brochure prepared for this year’s campaign explaining what discrimination is and why it is important to challenge it. Download the campaign brochure here

Postcards and visual materials

Through the use of drawings, pictures, gifs, audio and video, people can show their support for #zerodiscrimination. Postcards and graphic design materials are available here .

Brochure_RU Brochure_EN