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Moldova, Regional and International HIV/AIDS News

ЮНЭЙДС приветствует получение доказательных данных о том, что назначение антиретровирусной терапии на ранней стадии позволяет спасти жизнь

ЮНЭЙДС приветствует получение дополнительных доказательных данных, указывающих на то, что назначение антиретровирусной терапии при более высоком уровне клеток CD4 (являющемся показателем состояния иммунной системы) оказывает благоприятное воздействие на здоровье и благополучие людей, живущих с ВИЧ. 

Trainings, Seminars, Conferences, Meetings and other HIV/AIDS Related Events

Press Conference “HIV is not a sentence”
Ministry of Health, Chisinau

The awareness campaing "HIV is not a sentence" will be launched through a press conference. The campaign is dedicated to the commemoration of those who died of HIV, which is being celebrated and is culminating on the 17th of May. The awareness campaing will be implemented on both banks of Nistru river.

Grant Opportunities, Study/Training Opportunities, Scholarships

HIV Young Leaders Fund 2010 Request for Proposals
HIV Young Leaders Fund

The Fund seeks grant proposals from organizations working to address the needs of young people most-affected by HIV in their communities, including young people living with HIV.

Massimo Mirandola, Head of Regional Center for Health Promotion, Verona, Veneto region, Scientific Director of SIALON Project
There are Human Beings behind Numbers

Elena Jidobin, ILO/GTZ Project Coordinator, National Focal Point on HIV/AIDS and World of Work
Institutionalization of HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies is Necessary in the Republic of Moldova