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Adresarea Verei Brejneva către cetățenii Republicii Moldova

La nici o lună după ce a devenit Ambasadoare a Bunăvoinței pentru programul dedicat  HIV/SIDA al ONU, cântăreața rusă Vera Brejneva a adresat un mesaj tuturor cetățenilor Republicii Moldova, prin care i-a îndemnat să-și facă imediat testul la virusului HIV și să fie solidari cu persoanele HIV pozitive.

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Care about Care: An online moderated course on Care Economy

The course aims to provide a global perspective on Care. It will enhance awareness, knowledge and understanding on the critical place Care occupies in development, while simultaneously providing skills and tools for analyzing and identifying types of interventions and policies for a fair and equal social organization of Care to advance human development, gender equality and women's empowerment.

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HIV Young Leaders Fund 2010 Request for Proposals
HIV Young Leaders Fund

The Fund seeks grant proposals from organizations working to address the needs of young people most-affected by HIV in their communities, including young people living with HIV.

Massimo Mirandola, Head of Regional Center for Health Promotion, Verona, Veneto region, Scientific Director of SIALON Project
There are Human Beings behind Numbers

Elena Jidobin, ILO/GTZ Project Coordinator, National Focal Point on HIV/AIDS and World of Work
Institutionalization of HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies is Necessary in the Republic of Moldova